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Adjustable Laproscopic Gastric Banding

Adjustable Laproscopic Gastric Banding, or also known as LAP BAND® or Gastric Banding, is a type of weight loss surgery that involves a restrictive ring that is placed on the upper portion of the stomach making a small pouch, which results in the patient feeling satisfied with smaller portions. Unlike Gastric Bypass, there is no effect on the absorption of nutrients. The Gastric Banding is a laparoscopic procedure that involves making a small incision into the abdomen. The band is placed on the upper part of the stomach and a long tube is attached to the band. The tube can be accessed through a port that’s placed under the skin within the abdominal wall. The band can be adjusted by adding or removing fluid through the port.

Possible Candidates

Gastric Banding is done to help those who are overweight, reduce their risk of weight-related health issues. Generally, ideal candidates have a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or higher, however, an in-depth assessment of the body as a whole is conducted, and a review of the candidates’ medical history is done.

Patients considering Gastric Banding should be open to following precautionary measures leading into the surgery, including avoiding alcohol and tobacco products and stopping the use of certain medications. The success of this procedure is heavily dependent on good patient compliance and maintenance.


The gastric banding procedure comes with some degree of risk. These may include inflammation and gastric scarring. As with any surgical procedure, however, it is important that you do your research and work with one whom you trust. This can help avoid unnecessary complications and steer you on the path to better results.

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