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Keeping the Joy in the Holidays During Pregnancy

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Keeping the Joy in the Holidays During Pregnancy

Celebrating the Holidays While Pregnant

Being pregnant during the holidays can be a special and exciting time, but it can also present some challenges and discomfort. However, with some planning and self-care, you can still enjoy this festive time of year while keeping yourself and your baby happy and healthy.

Prioritize Rest and Relaxation

The holidays can be packed with festivities — but make sure you also get some relaxation during the season as well. Pregnancy can leave you feeling extra tired, so be sure to honor your body and rest when you feel you need it. Create a schedule that includes ample time for naps, and try to stick to a regular sleep routine as much as possible.

Make Modifications to Holiday Traditions

Just because you can't participate in an eggnog toast doesn't mean you can't keep your holiday traditions alive! Don't hesitate to say no to events or activities that may be too physically taxing for your pregnant body. And remember, it's okay to skip certain foods or drinks that may not be safe for pregnancy – your health and the health of your baby comes first.

Holiday Food Recommendations for Pregnant Women

Some common holiday foods women who are expecting should avoid include:

  • Deli meats
  • Alcohol
  • Soft cheeses
  • Raw or undercooked seafood/meats

However, that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy some tasty treats! Look for options like hard cheeses, fully cooked meats and fish, and stick with non-alcoholic beverages like sparkling water or mocktails.

Seek Support From Loved Ones

Lastly, reach out for support from loved ones during this special time. Let them know how they can help make the holidays easier for you, whether it's bringing over meals or helping with decorating and party prep. Surrounding yourself with those who understand and support you will go a long way in keeping the joy in your holidays. It will also make the time before your bundle of joy arrives even more special!

Maternity Services at Antelope Valley Medical Center

No matter where you are in your pregnancy journey, these tips can help make sure you and your baby have a happy and healthy holiday season.

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