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Living With Lung Cancer: Tips for Maintaining Quality of Life

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Living With Lung Cancer: Tips for Maintaining Quality of Life

Living with lung cancer presents unique challenges that can significantly impact an individual's quality of life. These challenges range from coping with complex emotions and navigating treatment options to managing physical symptoms like breathing problems, fatigue, and pain.

We understand these challenges at Antelope Valley Medical Center (AVMC) and are committed to supporting our patients throughout their journey. We empower our patients with the resources and knowledge they need to maintain their quality of life while living with lung cancer.

Here are some tips to help those battling lung cancer maintain their quality of life:

Prioritize Hydration and Nutrition

Maintaining proper hydration and nutrition is essential for individuals living with lung cancer. Drinking enough fluids helps keep your body functioning correctly and can alleviate some side effects of treatment.

If you've lost your appetite, finding ways to ingest the nutrients your body needs is crucial. AVMC's oncology department can provide resources and consultations with dietitians to assist in creating a personalized nutrition plan.

Be Proactive in Your Care

Planning for your life with lung cancer is an empowering step. While no one can predict how long someone will live with lung cancer, having concrete plans throughout your care and communicating your wants and needs can provide a sense of control.

Stay Active

Physical activity can help you stay healthy after cancer treatment. Even light exercises like walking or stretching can make a significant difference. At AVMC, we encourage our patients to stay active and can provide tailored exercise recommendations.

Adopt Healthy Habits

Incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle can help manage the effects of cancer and its treatment. Good nutrition, regular exercise, and stress-relieving activities can enhance overall well-being. Some treatments may even work better when paired with these healthy habits.

Seek Support

Connecting with others in similar situations can be incredibly therapeutic. Utilize in-person and online support groups to share experiences and gain insights. At AVMC, we offer various support services and resources for our lung cancer patients and their families.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is beneficial for all but is especially important for those with lung cancer. It has been shown to help people with lung cancer live longer, even if it has spread.

Mindfulness and Self-Care

Practicing mindfulness and self-care is essential during cancer treatment. Activities such as meditation, yoga, or simply taking time for yourself can help manage stress and improve mental health.

How We Can Help You

At AVMC, our oncology department is dedicated to providing comprehensive patient care. Our experts work tirelessly to ensure that each patient feels supported and informed.

We believe everyone deserves the best possible care and strive to make that a reality for our patients in Lancaster and beyond.

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