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Hospital Looks to Build New Modern Facility

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Antelope Valley Medical Center, Inc., trustees voted unanimously to place a $350 million bond measure on the November 2018 ballot that will give voters the power to build a new, state-of-the-art hospital. A new facility would include higher patient capacity, the latest technology, greater efficiency, and a larger emergency room to meet the healthcare needs of the region.

"For many years Antelope Valley Medical Center has made as many changes as previously possible to our emergency room and hospital facilities, but we need to take bold action now to modernize our medical center and effectively provide more resources to our staff and patients. We must provide a safe patient-friendly environment where our world-class doctors, nurses and medical professionals can continue meeting healthcare needs right here in our community," explained Antelope Valley Healthcare District Board Chair Kristina Hong, RN, NP. "Additionally, California’s earthquake safety requirements could force us to shut down a large portion of our patient care areas if we don’t upgrade our facilities. We must take steps now to improve upon what we have or build a brand new hospital, which will ensure we are here for the community for decades to come."

In order to comply with California’s seismic safety standards, the hospital must undergo major renovations of its existing facility by 2030. Without these upgrades, which will cost more than $420 million, the hospital will likely be forced to close.

The measure before voters this November sets in motion the creation of a new updated Antelope Valley Medical Center that will not only meet seismic standards but also offer an up-to-date medical center with a much larger emergency room. A successful bond measure gives hospital leadership access to additional funds to help cover the cost of a completely new state-of-the-art hospital.

Retrofitting existing facilities or construction of a new hospital bolsters long-term healthcare plans for the region. A state-of-the art hospital is a magnet for doctors, nurses, and new medical offices, which increases both preventative medicine and responsive care.

The 2018 measure comes on the heels of several major successes at Antelope Valley Medical Center. The overwhelming passage of Measure H last year restructured and stabilized hospital leadership and was widely lauded as launching a new era of effectiveness and efficiency for healthcare delivery in the Antelope Valley.

The bond measure will appear on the Statewide General Election ballot on November 6, 2018.