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Second Vice Chair - Vacant

Notice of Vacancy

Antelope Valley Healthcare District Board of Directors

Notice is hereby given that a vacancy exists on the board of directors of the Antelope Valley Healthcare District due to the superior court's ruling dated april 19, 2022 declaring that Michael Rives has forfeited his position on the board pursuant to government code section 1099.

The healthcare district board intends to fill the vacancy at the board of directors public session meeting on june 29, 2022. The appointee must be a registered voter residing within the boundaries of the healthcare district and be prepared to hold office until the next general district election.

The appointee must file a fair political practices act disclosure statement form 700 in accordance with the provisions of the political reform act and implementing regulations of the fair political practices commission. The board may select any duly qualified person within its discretion.

Dated: april 27, 2022