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Happy 39th Anniversary to our NICU

Happy 39th Anniversary to our NICU

Since January 23, 1984, our NICU has cared for over 11,000 of our tiniest patients. It opened with only two rooms, 6 NICU beds and about 100 deliveries per month. Today the has 21 licensed beds and has over 300 deliveries a month.

From the first month, they had their own transport service and they cared for babies from Victorville, Edwards Air Force Base, San Diego and more. The NICU also counted on support from Cedar Sinai and UCLA for subspecialty help. "We continue to have a great working relationship with these hospitals and CHLA," says Dr. Thangavel.

The NICU also performed its own neonatal surgeries with support from surgeons Dr. Mahendra, Dr. Larson and Dr. Holmes.

Dr. Thangavel also mentions the dedicated obstetricians who trusted and supported the NICU, Dr. Copeland and Dr Lai.

"We have dedicated nursing staff as well as respiratory therapist and secretaries who helped us to where we are today," Dr. Thangavel said. "We are proud of our staff, and they make the unit the best."

Dr. Thangavel would also like to make a special mention, "to my former associate, late Dr. Murali Kumar who was loved by everyone and was the best associate you can hope for."

Congratulations on your years of success NICU. We look forward to many more years.