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Celebrating Child Life Month

pictures of our pediatric patients participating in activities with AVMC's child life specialist.

During March, we acknowledge Child Life Month, shining a spotlight on AVMC's child life specialists, Silvia Perez, who prioritizes the emotional well-being of our pediatric patients and their families.

Child life specialists play a crucial role in healthcare by recognizing that behind every pediatric patient's behavior lies a feeling, and behind that, a need. By ensuring that families and children feel seen and understood during medical experiences, the overall process becomes more manageable. 

These specialists focus on helping children and families reduce stress and anxiety while navigating through challenging situations. Leveraging evidence-based clinical and educational experience, child life specialists employ therapeutic play to normalize real-life experiences in healthcare settings, engaging with children through their love for play.

Silvia, your commitment to ensuring positive experiences for our pediatric patients during their challenging moments is truly appreciated.

Happy Child Life Month!