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Certified Nurses Day

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Antelope Valley Medical Center (AVMC) honored its board-certified nurses in observance of Certified Nurses Day, March 19. Nearly 140 nurses representing 22 specialty areas were recognized for their professionalism, leadership and commitment to excellence in patient care.

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the American Nurses Association (ANA) designated March 19 as Certified Nurses Day because it is the birthday of Margrete Madden Styles, a visionary nursing leader and scholar who was known as the “Mother of Nurse Credentialing.” The purpose of this day is to recognize those who have achieved certifications and to encourage other nurses to seize the opportunity and further their education.

“Certified Nurses Day provides an opportunity for us to recognize our nurses who have taken the extra steps required to become certified in their area of focus,” said AVMC Chief Nursing Officer Aya Smith. “At the same time, we encourage all of our nurses to consider becoming certified in specialty areas. It’s better for our hospital, the community and, most importantly, our patients.”

Some of the specialty areas in which AVMC nurses have achieved certification include neonatal intensive care, critical care, emergency, pediatric, medical surgical and obstetrics, among others.

Board certification of nurses plays an increasingly important role in the assurance of high standards of care for patients and their loved ones. Nursing, like healthcare in general has become increasingly complex. While a registered nurse (RN) license provides entry to general nursing practice, the knowledge-intensive requirements of modern nursing require extensive education, as well as a strong personal commitment to excellence by the nurse.