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AVMC Expands Patient Care with Dedicated Ambulance Fleet

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To address the increasing demand for efficient patient transportation service, and with the current shortage of ambulances within the Antelope Valley region, Antelope Valley Medical Center (AVMC) has made the strategic decision to lease two of its own dedicated ambulances.

The move comes as part of AVMC’s ongoing efforts to enhance the overall patient experience and streamline the process of transferring patients beyond the hospital premises. By investing in its own ambulance fleet, Antelope Valley Medical Center is taking a proactive approach to address the growing need for timely and specialized transportation services. The ambulance fleet will be staffed by highly trained and experienced medical personnel, ensuring that patients receive the appropriate level of care throughout the transportation process.

As the hospital begins this initiative, AVMC is averaging about seven patient transports a day. The two dedicated AVMC ambulances will primarily transport patients to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), acute rehabilitation centers, the patient’s home, or a higher level of care facility. By having our own ambulances, we can ensure a continuity of care during the transition between medical facilities, promoting a positive and stress-free experience for patients and their families. Furthermore, AVMC can better coordinate and streamline ambulance dispatch, ensuring swift response times for non-emergent transfers.

“We’re not in the transportation business, but we (AVMC) had to make a strategic decision for a complex issue,” stated Antelope Valley Medical Center Chief Executive Officer, Edward Mirzabegian. “By directly managing our own fleet, we can maintain a higher level of control over response times, quality of service, and overall patient satisfaction.”

One of two dedicated Antelope Valley Medical Center ambulances waits outside of the hospital.
One of two dedicated Antelope Valley Medical Center ambulances waits outside of the hospital.