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Health Screenings for Men & Women

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Health Screenings for Men & Women

Essential Wellness Exams for Adults

As we age, it's vital to be proactive about our health. Preventative screenings can help us catch issues early before they become more serious. Here are some key preventive screenings men and women should undergo:


Mammograms are a type of breast cancer screening where X-ray images of your breast tissue are taken. Women over the age of 40 should get a mammogram every year. If you have a family history of breast cancer, you may need to start getting mammograms earlier. Alternatively, women may undergo an ultrasound to detect breast cancer.

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Prostate Exams

Men over 50 should get a prostate exam every year to protect their prostate health. Prostate exams can identify many different issues — including prostate cancer. If you have a family history or other factors that could increase your risk of prostate cancer, you may need to start getting exams earlier.


A colonoscopy is a preventative exam that men and women should undergo as they age to help detect colon cancer early. Both men and women over the age of 50 should get a colonoscopy every ten years. If you have a family history of colon cancer, your doctor may recommend screenings sooner.

Physical Exams

In addition to these exams, you must still see your doctor for a regular checkup. At your annual physical, your doctor will likely check your weight and height, take your blood pressure, and test your urine. They may also ask you about your medical history and any medications you're taking. Your doctor may also perform a physical exam, including feeling your lymph nodes and abdomen and listening to your heart and lungs.

Depending on your age, health, and family history, you may also need preventative screenings for diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, and other conditions. These screenings can help catch problems early when they're more treatable. Talk to your doctor about which screenings are proper for you.

Preventative Health Exams in Lancaster, CA

These are just a few of the preventative screenings men and women should undergo as they age. Site:BusinessName} is proud to deliver exceptional medical care to the community we serve to help you take proactive care of your health.

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