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I really appreciate everyone that stepped up to help

  • Author: Anthony V.
  • Location: Lancaster, CA
  • Date Submitted: Nov 23, 2021

“The excellent nurses and staff at AV Hospital made my COVID-19 treatment and recovery more bearable and less stressful.”

I started feeling very sick and went to the ER, where they had me sit in the COVID area. They came out, checked me, and took my temperature and did the swab for the COVID test. I was just impressed by how quick it was. As soon as I came back positive for COVID, they were on top of it. I had a temperature of 102º and my oxygen was really low, they brought out oxygen for me and started making the arrangements. They were very quick and attentive, and just on top of it. The fact that they were able to admit me, maybe within like 3 hours, which I know usually takes a lot longer than that. They got me into a room upstairs and I was really impressed with how on top of it the nurses were. Once you’re admitted, they were in there all the time, making sure you’re good, giving you your medicine. I mean if you asked them for something they followed through with it---I’m sure they were busy and had a lot of other people, but they followed through with everything. It made a terrible experience a little less unbearable.

I have the lingering lung damage, scarring, and nodules. I’m winded all the time, but I am doing better now, it’s healing. Although I don’t remember the names, when I was in the ER the nurses were just on top of it, even when the room filled up, they were just so attentive. When I was up in the room there was no lapse when they were doing their shift change from the day to the evening. Everyone was just really good at what they did. Even when I was woken up from my sleep for them to take my vitals, and not in the best mood they handled it quite well. Everyone was just wonderful.