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I Felt Confident In Him Doing The Surgery

  • Author: Lori W.
  • Date Submitted: Jul 31, 2021

“Everyone was great, really caring and very nice from start to finish.”

I was having problems with asthma, because of my weight and then I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. The sleeve was recommended for me to undergo weight loss. I had an endoscopy and two sleep apnea tests, as well as ultrasounds on legs and blood work. I’ve had nutrition classes offered to me as well. Everyone I came in contact with at the hospital during my stay was very nice. Dr. Yadegar is wonderful and such a nice guy. My recovery phase has been good so far, I’ve received information on what I can and cannot eat. I would absolutely recommend this procedure, but only for those that truly want to utilize it as a tool and not a quick fix.

Since my procedure, my recovery has been wonderful. I’ve lost 49 pounds in about 3.5 months. My care was wonderful, the nurses were great from the time I got there to when I left. I haven’t had any issues at all, and have so far only had one follow-up appointment with Dr. Yadegar. I feel 100x better, and again would recommend this procedure to people willing to use it as a tool to make a lifestyle change. The day of my procedure, my nurse made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Yadegar and her made me feel very welcomed and cared for. I felt confident in him doing the surgery.