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Kept Us So Calm in the Greatest Moment of Stress

  • Author: Dorothy & Kether (wife and daughter of Glenn W.)
  • Location: Lancaster, CA
  • Date Submitted: Aug 4, 2021

“Start to finish the experience here has been awesome, above and beyond.”

Originally he (Glenn Williams) needed his gallbladder removed, he was really sick, but when they did the ERCP, he coded on the table. His oxygen levels tanked and he ended up having a heart attack. What brought us in was his gallbladder, but what kept us here was the heart attack. The neurologist came to see him and he was great. Start to finish the experience here has been awesome, above and beyond. There’s definitely been a noticeable change from five years ago, a good change. Even Security has been overwhelmingly positive. We had to switch our visitation stickers from ICU to his room number, and they cheered for us because that meant that he was recovering and doing better. They asked us how he was doing every time we came to visit, they even prayed with us. Everyone has just been so kind, from Security to the techs, to Lab techs, CT techs, ICU nurses, the chaplains. There was a moment when a nurse, Dawn from ICU, was in this room just transporting a patient and saw that Glenn needed help. As soon as her patient was taken care of, she came over to give him assistance and he wasn’t even her patient. The intensivist, Dr. Mark Smith, kept us so calm in the greatest moment of stress. Even the sitters have been fabulous; the cleaning staff has been wonderful as well, not only for keeping the room tidy but for their interactions with us; so friendly and so positive. The doctors are saying that he should be making a full recovery, and we are just so grateful for the care that he has received here.