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Antelope Valley Medical Center Is Baby-Friendly

Our Women & Infants Pavilion Provides Breastfeeding Training

Since 1991 a global program called The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative launched to encourage and recognize hospitals and birthing centers offering optimal care for infant feeding and for mother/infant bonding. We take this mission seriously because the program recognizes the best ways a mother can protect and promote her infant’s health by breastfeeding.

Since receiving accreditation in 2015, our nursing staff has helped new mothers learn how to breastfeed properly. Our lactation team addresses difficult breastfeeding challenges with consultations to new mothers. Our hospital aims to empower mothers so they feel more confident about breastfeeding, which can bolster their own health and their newborn’s health.

Why Is Breastfeeding Important?

The reason medical professional endorse breastfeeding is because there are many benefits both for mother and baby, including:

Breastfeeding offers an unmatched beginning for children

Breastfeeding empowers mothers to provide complete nourishment for their babies. Human milk gives infants the most complete nutrition possible for infants and delivers the optimal mix of nutrients and antibodies to help babies thrive. Scientific studies have shown how breastfed children have far fewer bouts of serious illnesses than those who never receive breastmilk, including a reduced risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), childhood cancers, and diabetes.

Mothers who breastfeed are healthier

Recent studies show how women who breastfeed have a lower risk of future breast and ovarian cancer, anemia, or osteoporosis. Both mother and baby enjoy the emotional benefits of the very special and close relationship formed through breastfeeding.

Families who breastfeed save money

Not only is breastmilk free, but breastfeeding provides savings on healthcare costs and related time lost to care for sick children. Because breastfeeding saves so much money, parents experience less financial strain and can enjoy healthier babies.

Communities reap the benefits of breastfeeding

Research shows how breastfeeding families take fewer days off work, and breastfeeding mothers don’t have to worry about buying the costly artificial substitute, baby formula when they are nursing. Less tax money is required to provide governmental assistance or third party payers, as well as community and government medical programs. By breastfeeding babies, families have more funds on hand to buy things they want and need, which bolsters the local economy. Studies prove that breastfed babies have higher IQ scores, better brain and nervous system development, and are generally healthier throughout their lives.

The environment benefits when babies are breastfed

Scientists agree breastmilk is the best nourishment for growing babies and may even protect them from the harmful effects of pollution. Breastfeeding uses none of the tin, paper, plastic, or energy necessary to prepare, package, and transport artificial baby formulas. Since breastfeeding does not produce waste, each breastfed baby cuts down on pollution and garbage disposal problems.

This page was adapted from “Did You Know Breastfeeding Makes a Difference?”, La Leche League, the International Lactation Consultant Association, and the National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy.

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