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Breast Milk Collection Center

Providing donated breast milk to infants in need.

As a designated Breast Milk Collection Center by the BreastfeedLA, a nonprofit breastfeeding advocacy organization, AVMC is one of four designated collection sites in Los Angeles County.

Breast milk is the best way that a mother can help a baby in NICU care. As a milk collection center, AVMC has the capability to provide pasteurized Donor Breast Milk until the baby recovers or the mother can provide her own milk.

Who receives Pasteurized Donor Human Milk?

  • NICU babes
  • Adopted babies
  • Foster babies
  • Surrogate babies
  • Premature babies
  • Insufficient lactation of mother
  • Formula intolerant
  • Immunological deficiencies
  • Post-operation nutrition
  • Illness or health risk from biological mother that requires interruption in feedings
  • Death or absence of mother
  • And any medical need for supplementation

To Get Started:

  1. Call Mothers Milk Bank (MMB) at 1.877.375.6645 to provide a brief medical history
  2. Complete and return their screening forms
  3. Take their free blood test

Once approved to be a donor, MMB will provide you with your breast milk donor identification number, and you will be able to drop off your frozen breast milk to the AVMC Breast Milk Collection Center at your leisure. Additionally, we are happy to provide you breast milk storage bags. We are located at the AVMC, Women and Infants Pavilion, Education & Breastfeeding Center - 44155 15th St. West, Lancaster, CA 93534.

Frozen breast milk is transported to Mothers Milk Bank (MMB), who then collects and pasteurizes donated human breast milk, and provides it to infants in need. As a nonprofit organization, the MMB mission is to help babies thrive by making donated milk safe and accessible.

Lactation Support

We have a team of certified lactation specialists who provide education about breastfeeding, support to lactating mothers and their babies, and tips for returning to work while breastfeeding.

If you need support or guidance, our lactation specialists can answer questions about breastfeeding, pumping, and storing your breast milk. Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-3pm. You may also call 661-726-6210 for over-the-phone support.

Breast Milk Facts:

Frozen human breast milk can be stored up to one year from the date of expression.

Research shows breast milk: *

  • Promotes brain development
  • Lowers respiratory infections
  • Acts like a vaccine
  • Lowers the risk of asthma, SIDS, obesity, and type 2 diabetes


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