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Language Services

Antelope Valley Medical Center (AVMC) protects and promotes patient’s rights through effective communication, by providing language and communication services to individuals with communication barriers, in order to ensure the same access to services as any other individual. AVMC provides appropriate and reasonable access to qualified interpreter services and auxiliary aids, 24/7, and could be requested at any time throughout the patient’s visit.

Language Services Policy

For individuals who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

Antelope Valley Medical Center (AVMC) provides auxiliary aids to facilitate communication, such as, video remote interpreting, written materials, exchange of written notes, closed captioning, TTY phones, communication boards, and, on a case-by-case basis, the services of qualified in-person sign language interpreters.

For individuals with Limited English Proficiency

For individuals who prefer to communicate in a language other than Sign Language and English, AVMC offers the services of video remote, telephonic, and on a case-by-case basis, in person qualified interpreters.